Jeremy & Jasmine Dean

Live Your Love™ exists to partner with individuals and communities around the world to assist people in overcoming poverty, abuse, hunger, hate, and injustice.

The goal of Live Your Love™ is to take an every day activity and turn it into an opportunity to empower those less fortunate. 

Live Your Love™ was co-founded in 2008 by Jeremy and Jasmine Dean and became a limited liability company in December 2009. 

Sri Lanka Goodbye.jpg

Jeremy and Jasmine met in Sri Lanka in early 2005 while doing voluntary relief work after the Southeast Asian Tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands in the region. They got married in 2007 and have since done voluntary relief work at three different times to Haiti and moved back Sri Lanka for six months in 2009 to meet with communities, collaborate with local organizations and help people in need of food, education and love.

Live Your Love™ is currently branding our own line of Ceylon (Sri Lankan) tea to promote the vision of Live Your Love. When you buy a box of tea, you will finance current and future projects as well as bring awareness to the needs of people we are helping around the world. Each box will have a story and a message about Live Your Love™ projects and how to find out more.