1. Description

"We're All OK" shirts are hand printed in Selma, AL by Abba Threads on one of the most comfortable shirt you'll find. 
The heather material gives a great vintage look as well as a soft worn in feel. 

Material for sizes S - 2XL: 

32 Singles Poly/ Cotton/ Rayon Jersey 
50% Poly 25% Cotton 25% Rayon

Material for XS:

50/38/12 polyester (6.25% recycled)/cotton (6.25% organic)/rayon

Sizing Chart

2. Why is my shirt not shipping right away?

With a campaign of this nature we cannot pre-print an infinite amount of shirts in each size, style and color. We wanted to be able to offer you as many options as possible so that you get the shirt that you like the absolute most. Because of that we will be waiting to get an estimate of how many orders we have of every size, style and color combination. We will then print and ship. 

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3. You are one of these people:

a) I know someone whose home was destroyed during the tornado.
b) My home was destroyed during the tornado.
Do you think Live Your Love can help them/me at all?

That's a great question! 
We would love to help as many people as we can get back on their feet and into "normal" life again. 

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