The Great Flood 2016

Kind of a horrible irony that it's called the great flood, when in reality its consequences are so far from great for tens of thousands of people in Louisiana. According to the numbers: only about 12% of the 60,000 had flood insurance, leaving an entire city without a plan to rebuild.
There are so many with needs that seem nearly impossible to fulfill.

As of August 20th, Louisiana is in demolition phase. That means the needs are mostly on the ground: tools, food, water, diapers etc. Entire communities are tearing down every bit of soaked drywall clearing their homes of wet carpet and ruined furniture. The streets around Baton Rouge are completely lined with garbage. The entire content of people's homes out on the road just waiting to be picked up.

In lieu of this mind boggling need, we have created two outlets for giving. 


Buy a shirt, help a city.

14forall is a love child of Live Your Love and Hands Producing Hope, another Baton Rouge based business that gives back. 

We launched this movement because we saw a need in Baton and around the country. We see a divided nation, so caught up and focused on the things that make us different. We wanted to remind you that we are more alike than we are different and about how much good there is in your life, in your city and in the world.

'I got you' is not just a movement for a single city, a single person or a single people group but a response and a call to unify and rally behind one another in the good times and the bad. It is a movement of hope and of restoration. 

100% of proceeds will go to flood relief! ‪#‎igotyou‬

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Donate or Adopt a Family

According to the Livingston Parish Sheriffs Office, 105,000 of their citizens lost everything in the flood. According to the July 2015 census estimate, there are 137,788 citizens of Livingston Parish.

Let that sink in for a minute.

This flood was like no other flood. It flooded over 60,000 homes in some areas that have never taken on water; therefore most of the people living there didn't have flood insurance. 

If your church or business would like to adopt a family that does not have flood insurance we would very much like to facilitate that. Please click the button below and fill out your information.  

Thank you for giving hope to a lot of hopeless people.