At Live Your Love, our hearts are really tied to disaster relief because that's where we began and our goal is to make our giving is as personal as possible. We are finding specific families, individuals, and communities with SPECIFIC NEEDS that were affected by the tornados in OK.

Big organizations like World Vision, Samaritans Purse and the Red Cross all are amazing and have such a integral part in relief work. When we arrived in Sri Lanka just weeks after the tsunami World Vision already had such a strong presence there with huge water tanks and things that small organizations or volunteers could never bring to the people that needed it immediately. They are meeting such important needs and without their resources people could so easily die in a disaster relief situation.

But as the weeks go by people are still going to have very big needs that are not life or death and we want to be able to meet those needs. Things that will enable people to get back to work or kids get back to school or families to feel like there's some normalcy in their life that's been turned upside down. 

We are beyond excited to be able to help restore lives with your participation. 
If you know anyone that has specific needs we would love to hear about it and possibly move forward to meeting them.

[Just click here to fill out a quick questionnaire to get the ball rolling.]

100% of the profits of "We're All OK" T-shirts will go to specific families and individuals who were affected by the tornado. 

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